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About Us

Monodrama is considered as one of the popular and contemporary theatrical genres that has become the favorite of the Armenian audience too. During these kinds of performances a connection between the audience and actor is created.
“Armmono” international theatrical festival was held for the first time on the 24th of September 2003.
The director of “Armmono” theatrical festival has been Marianna Mkhitaryan since 2008.
Over the years the festival has undertaken the creation of the new projects – including online ones – and of the new titles, such as “Armmono-Debut”, “Armmono-Opera”, “Armmono-Class”, “Armmono-Dance”, “Armmono-Fairy-Tale” etc.
“Armmono” festival is a much-awaited event which is held twice a year.
The festival is a platform that contributes to the development and reinforcement of international ties, to the creation of new theatrical directions and formulas.
“Armmono” festival is one of the leaders in this sphere in Armenia with its distinct formula and constantly renewed projects.
The festival stresses the importance of the mentality and preservation of the national values. “Armmono Plus” theatrical festival – the supplement of “Armmono” international theatrical festival – has been in high demand since 2017.
It is a platform, where young and promising theatrical actors can represent their works. The best monodramas have even the potential to be displayed in the main phase of the international theatrical festival of “Armmono”.
The festival places value on the monodramas that are staged in the provinces of Armenia, as well as emphasizes the importance of holding the international project in the provinces. The Armenian participants have always upheld the name of “Armmono” festival abroad.
During those years they have been invited to attend famous monofestivals and have come back with prizes and grands prix.
The plays of “Armmono” festival are displayed in various auditoriums of Yerevan, as well as also in the museums, various open-air places.
A lot of popular actors from Russia, France, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Egypt, USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, as well as from Iran and Georgia have taken part in “Armmono” theatrical festival. Mastery courses have also been held.
A few new projects – including online ones – were called into being in 2020. “Akhtamar” by Hovhannes Tumanyan was performed in various foreign languages.
During the war “Armmono” festival brought to life a charity project called “Armmono- Fairy-Tale” for the children that are far from their homes.
The objective of the project was not only to provide the entertainment of the children, but also to try to relieve stressful situations through fairy tales and dialogues. Fairy –tale is considered one of the best means to overcome stress and we give much value to it.

In 2021-2024, through the mediation of the “Armmono” festival, Armenian actors have successfully performed at various prestigious “Belaya Veja” held in Brest, Belarus, “Monokl” of St. Petersburg, “Bitola” of Macedonia, “ATSPINDIS” and “Sankryza” of Lithuania, Kineshma (Russian Federation) ) in “Ostrovsky-FEST mono-festivals, where they achieved success.

Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Narine Grigoryan, actors Nora Badalyan, Armen Kushkyan and Lilia Mukuchyan brought home awards.